Vision and Mission

MISSION: To provide a platform for scientists interested in vector-borne diseases to deliver research output towards control and prevention of vector borne diseases through collaboration and partnerships

VISION: Excellence in research on modelling vector-borne diseases towards policy implication on control and prevention

Network Summary

Network focusing on Vector-borne disease (VBD) of humans (e.g. dengue, chikungunya) and livestock (e.g. east coast fever, African animal trypanosomiasis) and both (e.g. rift valley fever – RVF, onchocerciasis) which are important public health problems and pose significant barriers to economic development in east Africa and beyond. These diseases are sensitive to ecological and climatic factors that are expected to change, causing long-term dynamic patterns that are different from experience. The objective of this network is to develop an interdisciplinary network: human and livestock models, economics and policy. This requires developing the expertise and relationships to enable mathematical models of the transmission dynamics of VBD that take into account climate variability and ecology.